About US

                        About US

Here at Netron Networks PLC we are passionate about two things – smooth running IT and great customer service. For more than 5 years, Netron Networks PLC has established itself as a trusted IT Services provider in the Addis Ababa and Ethiopia. Core values such as trust, reliability and a focus on personal relationships with our clients show in every aspect of our work. The longevity of our company speaks for itself! All our on-site and remote engineers have been with the company for no less than four years. Their passion for IT is second only to helping our clients achieve their goals.

We offer a range of services, from complex infrastructure design, implementation, and management to remote monitoring and support. We keep your data safe and tailor IT solutions that will ensure your company meets every business goal you set. What’s more, we do it all for a set monthly fee and promise never to confuse you with jargon or make promises we can’t keep. With Netron Networks PLC as your long-term IT partner, you can say goodbye to the stress that badly performing IT causes and enjoy more time to take care of what’s most important to you.

Company History

Netron Networks  PLC is a locally owned IT company specializing in making IT Personal. Netron Networks PLC was started in 2011 as Network Implmentation company. We became increasingly aware of the need for  businesses to offload their internal IT applications from in-house data closets to data centers with redundant power and networks and built their first datacenter in 2011. With the increasing reliance on hosted technologies now called the “cloud”, Netron Networks PLCexpanded its services to include personal IT consulting, hardware procurement and provisioning, and MSP services built upon our advanced cloud technologies and expertise. For over 5 years, Netron Networks PLC has helped companies expand past their IT closet with technologies, such as daily backups and high availability. 

Managment Team 

Girum Gebre

General Manager,Senior Datacenter Engineer

Bruck Denkew

Vice Manager, Senior Network Engineer  

Solomon Kebede

Finical and Marketing Manger